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Indoor Air Quality Testing & Services In Yorkton

The Importance Of Regular HVAC Cleaning In Yorkton

Though Yorkton is beautiful year-round, we still spend up to 90% of our time indoors, breathing indoor air at home or at work.

Indoor air contains a range of potential irritants and harmful substances not found in outdoor air. Chemical irritants like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) released by aerosols and chemical sprays, mold spores, pet dander; all of these substances can be found in the poor quality air we breathe indoors.

To those with respiratory conditions like asthma or bad allergies, these substances can represent significant health threats. Even those without respiratory conditions can experience issues including cold-like symptoms like coughing, stuffy nose, and consistently low energy when inhaling these substances.

Determining the quality of indoor air can be difficult, but not with Modern PURAIR® services. We offer businesses and homeowners access to comprehensive inspection, testing and specialist analysis of indoor air, so they can know definitively what they’re breathing every day, able to have a management plan to improve their conditions.


How Does Indoor Air Quality Testing Work?

Analyzing the indoor air quality of your residential property or commercial establishment starts by connecting a small air sampler to a regular outlet to measure and monitor your air. For a period of 3 days, this meter will collect a sample of your indoor air, which will then be collected by a member of the Modern PURAIR® team.

This sample will then be lab-analyzed against 6 the criteria for quality indoor air, standards as defined by CHIP (The Canadian Healthy Indoors Partnership).

Within 24 hours of a Modern PURAIR® company consultant retrieving the air quality testing equipment, you will be provided a username and password you can use to access an online report, comprehensively detailing the results of your air-quality analysis.

More than just an assessment of your indoor quality, this report will describe in comprehensive detail every airborne contaminant, particle, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) circulating through your home.

With these results, you can proceed to next steps with full information, knowing exactly what must be done to fix and any all air quality problems your home or business faces!

Get in touch with Modern PURAIR to find out how you can save $100 on indoor air quality testing!


The Yorkton Indoor Air Quality Experts

Modern PURAIR® has established itself as a trusted name in HVAC cleaning throughout Yorkton for good reason.  

We offer all our clients:

  • PURAIR® trained and certified personnel
  • WCB & ASHRAE compliant Indoor Air Quality Workplace regulations and guidelines
  • Exclusive PURAIR® high efficiency source vacuum removal service
  • Exclusive PUR CURx® Electrostatic Filtration products
  • Exclusive PUR CURx® Ultraviolet lighting system
  • Reasonable cost

Experts in the field of air quality testing in Yorkton, everyone at Modern PURAIR® intimately understands the importance of quality air for Yorkton homes and business.

To find out what you’re breathing right now, get in touch with Modern PURAIR.



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