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Our Yorkton Filter Maintenance Programs

Never Worry About Your Yorkton Furnace Filters Again

On top of everything else going on in your life, the seemingly endless list of maintenance tasks your Yorkton home requires of you can be overwhelming.

Jobs like replacing or changing your furnace filters are easily neglected, but very important, task around the house. Ensure they’re always clean, and your home will be a consistently cleaner and fresher environment, promoting the health and happiness of you and your family.


Choosing The Best Types Of Furnace Filters For Your Home

Designed specifically to suit the needs of Yorkton families, Modern PURAIR offers the convenience of guaranteeing consistently-clean vent filters without any hassle on the part of homeowners.

Signing up for Modern PURIAR’s Filter Maintenance Program will have a Modern PURAIR technician inspect your ventilation system, and match it with the filter best suited to maximize it’s efficiency and cleanliness. After arranging a delivery or installation schedule that best suits your needs, our program will guarantee clean filters for as long as you subscribe to the program! Maintenance at the right frequency.

Modern PURAIR provides it’s Filter Maintenance Program subscribers access to among the highest quality of air filters available on the market, only supplying filters with a minimum MERV rating of 8.

For special-needs applications like surgery rooms or special manufacturing, Modern PURAIR can supply and install filters at a MERV value of 11 and above.

To find out how you can access the benefits of consistently clean indoor air, get in touch with Modern PURAIR and ask about our Filter Maintenance Program!



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